Dang Prod could’ve at least smiled for this lmao 

    Aww I’m happy for Roc :)
    *this was on Desiree’s pic btw*

    Oh juu know, just chilling with Roc lmao

    Kyla, Roc’s sister, and Crustice Dominghoe at his premiere on Saturday:) 

    Soo RRF said that “there’s been serious talk lately with management bout taking a break from mb after gr 12 for college” but its not official yet



    Say it aint so mayne, say it aint so :(


    That @rocs_stalker page is sooo wack! They aint no stalker! They just get pictures off of Roc’s sister (chiohko) Facebook and Instagram and his aunts so don’t believe the hype lol 

    Erm no..

    TM Los Angeles does not get swerved by MB. They be EVERYWHERE. The malls, movies, amusement parks, restaurants, etc. They act like they aren’t famous out here. To meet them u just gotta get updates from their cousins/friends. Like for ex, Kyla ( Roc’s cousin or whatever) may say that she is going to the Fox Hills mall with Roc, so my friends would typically all get together and go to the mall to meet him. I personally don’t do that though because I would feel like I’m stalking them so when the time is right I’ll meet them. But yea goodnight y’all ✌

    All Around The World :) I like this song better then the other 2 

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    They were getting it in them suits tho

    Jan 21, 2013 | Keep her on the low 1/20/13 prince killed it!! Omg!!! by rayraysbraids on

    Prince tho <3 <3 

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